A young dynamic and vibrant leader, Bal Malkit Singh is the youthful face of India in AIMTC. Flamboyant and trendy, he is a typical Mumbayite. A true family man, a patriarch, a successful entrepreneur, a strict disciplinarian, a philanthropist, a philosophical person and quiet spiritualist, he continues to inspire the younger generation through his words and deeds.

He is a gifted, brilliant, effective, caring, respected and admired for his impeachable integrity – he is truly a truckers and transporters’ President, who eat, think and sleep for them. His continuous activism, prodigious actions and a sense of values and uprightness – has made him all popular and catapulted him to the coveted position of President All India Motor Transport Congress which is the Voice of Road Transport Industry of India and represent their concern with Central & State Govts. It is the apex body representing approx. 75 lacs truckers and transporters 40 lacs bus operators 1.6 lakhs goods Transport Co.s and 2500 Taluka District and State level federations and Transport associations.

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